Powerful cloud fax and document solutions from etherFAX

Cloud fax solutions driven by etherFAX deliver much greater speed and reliability than systems that rely on fax boards and telecom networks designed primarily for voice transmission.

The problem with traditional fax systems

Physical fax environments have direct and indirect costs that are overlooked by many businesses, including annual maintenance/service contracts, monthly usage costs, system administration for routing/ firewalls, and high complexity. Local implementation also means greater effort and cost to address risk mitigation, downtime, and compliance. PRIs must always be active to avoid “fast busies,” and maintenance or outages will impact inbound traffic. The longer a business maintains and supports physical fax hardware and platforms, the greater the risk of their infrastructure becoming obsolete.

The problem with some cloud fax systems

Other cloud fax solutions store and forward documents through a first-in/first-out network built on a mix of older technologies. These systems are prone to going offline and losing faxes, which dramatically raises business and compliance risks

The etherFAX answer

Novaris overcomes these issues with an etherFAX solution that eliminates the ongoing cost and complexity of maintaining a physical fax infrastructure, including local PRIs, gateways, ports, and voice resources.

Unlike other cloud fax systems that offer only a first-in/first-out network based on a mix of older technologies, an etherFAX solution provides a real-time network that is built from the ground up for cloud fax, transmitting faxes immediately with high speed, reliability, transparency, and PCI and HIPAA compliance.

etherFAX integrates directly with back-end applications and MFPs, and if key business partners also implement etherFAX, even large documents can be sent and received in just seconds and in higher resolution.

Leveraging the etherFAX network allows fax infrastructures and applications to move to the cloud—including Azure, AWS, or VMs—with simple set up and administration, high availability, superior business continuity, and a “never-busy” fax experience, all of which contribute to meeting service level agreements and improving the satisfaction of partners and customers.

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