Fax-friendly SIP trunks

When companies move their telecommunications to VoIP phone switches and cloud services, they often find that their fax transmission suffers.

Major telecom carriers claim to support faxing over SIP trunks, but Fax over IP has been a low priority for them. Their VoIP services are voice oriented, with “good enough” audio that is disassembled at the source and reassembled at the destination, using voice codecs that allow for compression losses and network impediments. The result when used for fax is high error rates and very slow speeds, and the problem is exponentially worse for multi-page faxes.

Novaris can help you fax over SIP trunks

Novaris provides a variety of dedicated solutions that avoid the transmission problems of VoIP systems, including fax-friendly SIP trunks that connect over the internet directly to a fax server, at any data center. These solutions allow you to continue using your current VoIP carrier for voice calls and internet data, and to use your current or new fax server (even virtualized if desired) to:

  • Connect directly to secure cloud-based SIP trunks that are specifically engineered for fax.
  • Connect directly to cloud infrastructures as a service using fax over highly secure document transfer services.

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Novaris brings years of deep technical and business experience to fax-friendly SIP trunks for enterprise and mid-size organizations. Read our technical brief to better understand the benefits and best practices of fax-friendly SIP trunks. Or contact us with your business needs to learn more.

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