Enhance RightFax with cloud fax, business integration, and intelligent automation

Whether you have a RightFax system now or you are considering one for your organization, you’ve recognized the advantages to bridging paper fax transactions and digital capabilities.

Novaris is a Certified Advantage RightFax Reseller to help you get even more from RightFax, including powerful cloud fax, business integration, intelligent automation with Document Identification and Extraction, and unified engineering support.

Get more from your RightFax system

Unlike other RightFax add-ons for cloud fax, Novaris can help give your RightFax system access to a high-speed, real-time network with high visibility into all transmissions, avoiding the delays and other issues of first-in/first-out systems that lack real-time visibility and notifications. You can reduce your annual maintenance costs with a smaller software footprint and built-in high availability (HA). Our solutions are also highly secure, backed up by HITRUST and PCI certifications.

Connect to your existing systems and the cloud

Novaris also helps your RightFax system connect directly with back-end applications and MFPs, and makes your enterprise communications more manageable and reliable by consolidating your incoming fax numbers into a single server or collection of servers. You can eliminate your on-premise fax infrastructure and local telecom, and virtualize servers for high availability and easy migration to different data centers or cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, and Rackspace.

Bring intelligent automation to your faxes

Novaris can also improve your RightFax infrastructure with intelligent workflow automation capabilities, including rules-based delivery, barcode recognition and processing, and delivery to and from a wide variety of systems.

Learn more

Novaris brings years of deep technical and business experience to RightFax solutions for enterprise and mid-size organizations. Request a free evaluation of fax infrastructure-as-a-service or fax-friendly SIP trunks with RightFax, or contact us with your business needs to learn more.

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From cloud fax to secure document automation to video security, Novaris makes your business faster, more compliant, and more secure