Enhance MHK with fast, secure, and reliable document delivery

Healthcare organizations implement MHK solutions to improve patient care, operational efficiency, revenue, and compliance. Novaris works with MHK-based organizations to optimize the delivery and receipt of their vital documents.

The problem with traditional fax servers

Traditional fax server environments require costly and complicated support and maintenance, including system administration for routing/firewalls, monthly usage costs, and annual maintenance/service contracts. Local implementation also demands greater effort and cost to address risk mitigation, downtime, and compliance. PRIs must be active at all times to avoid “fast busies,” and any maintenance or outages will impact inbound traffic. The longer an organization maintains and supports a traditional fax server infrastructure, the greater the risk that their systems will become obsolete.

Making your MHK solution even better

Novaris enhances MHK (formerly MedHOK) systems with a cloud/hybrid solution that enables healthcare organizations to send and receive hundreds of pages of sensitive information in just seconds — including high-resolution, full-color documents — using end-to-end military-grade encryption for high security, trust, and compliance.

Novaris leverages an etherFAX solution that eliminates the ongoing cost and complexity of maintaining a physical fax infrastructure, including local PRIs, gateways, ports, and voice resources.

Unlike other alternatives, the etherFAX real-time network is built from the ground up for cloud fax, transmitting faxes immediately with higher resolution, speed, reliability, transparency, flexibility, PCI and HIPAA compliance, and HITRUST certification.

Novaris offers more than a solution, with 30 years of deep fax/document experience and enhanced support resources for a superior customer relationship with enterprise healthcare organizations.

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Novaris brings years of deep technical and business experience to document and fax solutions for enterprise and mid-size healthcare organizations. Contact us with your business needs to learn more.

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