Supercharge your Epic system with fast, secure, and reliable document/fax delivery

Healthcare organizations implement Epic solutions to improve patient care, operational efficiency, revenue, and compliance. Novaris works with Epic-based organizations to optimize the delivery and receipt of their vital documents.

Making your Epic solution even better

Novaris enhances Epic systems with a cloud/hybrid solution that enables healthcare organizations to send and receive large, sensitive documents in just seconds — and hundreds of millions of pages per year — using end-to-end military-grade encryption for high security, trust, and compliance.

Novaris leverages an Epic-certified etherFAX solution that eliminates the ongoing cost and complexity of maintaining a physical fax infrastructure, including local PRIs, gateways, ports, and voice resources.

The real-time network is built from the ground up for cloud fax, transmitting faxes and high-resolution, full-color documents immediately with high speed, reliability, transparency, and PCI and HIPAA compliance.

Transitioning from legacy fax enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Use EPIC Print Services to deliver high resolution documents & faxes without a local fax server
  • Monitor document delivery and fax status from within EPIC
  • Consolidate or eliminate complex & resource-strained fax environments & costs
  • Benefit from Epic, HITRUST CSF, and PCI-DSS Level 1 certifications
  • Benefit from high-availability, “never busy” services and high success rates
  • Support intelligent document recognition using AI, and receive faxes into the Epic-integrated Hyland OnBase solution.

Novaris offers more than a solution, with 30 years of deep fax/document experience and enhanced support resources for a superior customer relationship with enterprise healthcare organizations.

Learn more and see it for yourself

Contact Novaris today to speak with a senior engineer who can implement a proof-of concept environment within hours, and promote it to full production quickly once accepted.

See for Yourself

A Novaris senior engineer can implement a production-ready proof-of concept for your Epic environment in just hours.

Free eBook: Digital and Direct Document Delivery in Healthcare

Learn how Epic users can securely transport critical healthcare and business information via Epic Print Services without changing a single workflow.

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From cloud fax to secure document automation to video security, Novaris makes your business faster, more compliant, and more secure