Leverage your email to send and receive secure faxes

Novaris provides email-to-fax solutions that enable you to send, receive, view, and process faxes with HIPAA- and PCI-compliant security and as easily as sending email using your existing computers, tablets, or phones.

As simple as sending and receiving email

Unlike fax servers, an email-to-fax solution from Novaris provides high availability and high volume without the need to upgrade hardware or physical fax infrastructures.

Sending a fax is as simple as creating an email and attaching a document. The email-to-fax solution converts the email and attachment to a fax format for secure delivery through the cloud.

This cloud-based solution can also use rules to automatically route incoming faxes to folders, printers, and applications for further action.

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Novaris brings years of deep technical and business experience to email-to-fax systems for enterprise and mid-size organizations. Contact us with your business needs to learn more.

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From cloud fax to secure document automation to video security, Novaris makes your business faster, more compliant, and more secure