Secure document delivery solutions

Novaris enables immediate, secure, 100% delivery of documents to and from your existing business systems.

Our document delivery solutions:

  • Leverage a secure, real-time cloud network, built from the ground up for documents and fax, with high up-time reliability and transparency.

  • Send high-resolution, color documents in real time, with all the security and compliance associated with traditional fax systems

  • Create a common document infrastructure that includes collaboration tools such as Teams and Slack, cloud delivery networks, existing fax servers, on-premise applications, and MFP devices.
  • Enable mobile document capture and secure delivery to fax destinations, as well as back-end systems and messaging applications, with rich content.
  • Perform AI- and OCR-assisted document identification, data extraction, and integrated delivery.

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Novaris brings years of deep technical and business experience to secure document delivery solutions for enterprise and mid-size organizations. Contact us with your business needs to learn more.

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From cloud fax to secure document automation to video security, Novaris makes your business faster, more compliant, and more secure