Fax Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Novaris can help you leverage Fax Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as part of a future-proof roadmap for replacing legacy fax, with smooth upward and downward compatibility, as well as high speed, security, reliability, transparency, and PCI and HIPAA compliance.

The problem with legacy fax

Many organizations overlook the costs of legacy fax environments: monthly usage charges, service/maintenance contracts, routing/ firewall administration, risk mitigation, compliance, and the indirect costs of downtime and grappling with a highly complex system. These physical fax systems will inevitably become obsolete, the only question is when.

Future-proof your fax and document environment

Novaris can help you eliminate the ongoing cost and complexity of maintaining a physical fax infrastructure, including fax boards, gateways, local PRIs, ports, and telecom networks focused on voice, not fax.

Attach more intelligence, security, and quality

Each fax number, vanity number (such as a physician’s NPI), and text handle (such as @novaris) can be treated as a unique network delivery address associated with the specific sender or receiver, much like an IP address. For instance, when the system sends a document directly to a physician’s NPI or fax number, it accounts for the sender’s and receiver’s mutual capabilities and resolutions, allowing high-resolution documents to be exchanged using direct encrypted delivery. As a result, profile information can augment the fax or document content for higher document intelligence between applications, as well as speedier delivery. For example, we can use document identification and data extraction technologies such as AI/machine learning and delivery profiles to format and securely deliver documents and patient data to EMR systems, financial systems, and so on.

Integrate with applications, partners, and customers

A Fax IaaS solution can integrate directly with back-end applications and even MFPs. If your customers or partners implement the same network, they can exchange large documents with you in seconds and in higher resolution.

Bring fax to the cloud

Leveraging Fax IaaS enables you to move more easily to the cloud—including AWS, Azure, or VMs—with easy set up and administration, superior business continuity, high availability, a “never-busy” fax experience for partners and customers, and improved ability to meet service level agreements.

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